For over 125 years, First Covenant Church has worshipped God in Omaha.  FCC has been in three buildings,  taken on many different organizational structures, heard different languages in our hallways, seen different styles of worship and connected with each other in many different ways.  In all of these realities, there have been two things that have stayed central to who we are: First Covenant Church of Omaha strives to  Love God and Love Neighbor.

We first Love God, specifically the God that is revealed through Scripture and the life, person and work of Jesus Christ.  We believe there is nothing more important than knowing, loving and serving God.  We seek to love God through our Formation activities and events, our times of Worship, and our faithful Stewardship.

Because of all that God has done for us, and because of the reality that God is with us, we are called to love our neighbors.  We see this happening in three primary ways.  First, we love those who call First Covenant home.  We seek to care for, connect with and celebrate one another.  Second, we love those in the city of Omaha by partnering with local organizations where we can serve and learn from others.  We also encourage and empower individuals from First Covenant to find practical ways to love their neighbors in Omaha.  Third, we love those outside of Omaha and around the world through partnership, prayer and awareness.

We hope you will join us in the lifelong task of Loving God and Loving Neighbor.






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