Worship Ministry Teams

Worship Team

The worship team serves in our contemporary worship gathering at 9:30am to lead worship through singing and provide special performance pieces. We employ a large variety of instruments, including (but not limited to) acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drums and other percussion, saxophone, violin, and of course, vocalists to sing an ever-increasing variety of styles, artists, …

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The choir serves in the worship service and also for a variety of other events (such as the Christmas Choir Concert, pictured). We sing a variety of classical choral literature and styles, as well as assisting in leading the congregation in worship through singing. Our rehearsal is typically at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings during the school …

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AVL Team

Our AVL team supports both worship services, their rehearsals, and a variety of other events (including weddings and funerals) through their expertise of event production. They run the sound board, our live video feed, and the computer for projection of lyrics, videos, and scripture. This team is always in need of new talent; if you’re interested, contact the …

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